Our Vision

Our title company holds high standards of accuracy and expertise, serving as counselors, advocates and investigators for our clients. We support property rights, investment protection, risk reduction and peace of mind in every type of real estate transaction.

Our Mission

Meridian Title’s mission is to be a premier real estate settlement service provider focused on outstanding customer service. Through our dedication to compliance, technology, and employee development, we will continue to foster partnerships with our customers and communities. We will work toward our goal of growth locally, regionally and nationally, while remaining committed to our core principles.

Using a mobile app and advanced technologies, we can handle transaction management, filings, and certain closings electronically. Our experienced employees help to identify the best tools for your needs--balancing convenience with security, efficiency, and compliance. 

Our Values - How We Give Back

Our title company is locally-owned and privately-held, with deep roots in our local communities. Our interest goes beyond business as we partner with other businesses and charitable organizations to improve the markets where we live and work. Many of our employees devote their time and resources to building up the people and organizations that make our communities thrive.

The core tenet of our corporate philanthropy philosophy includes encouraging employee volunteerism and sponsoring fundraising events for local and national charitable organizations.

Our Reach

In addition to our offices around the Midwest, Meridian Title partners with underwriters around the United States to facilitate smooth and easy transactions nationwide. 

We have relationships with multiple underwriters allowing us the flexibility to choose the best partnership for each transaction.

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