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Cost Resources

Seller Net Sheet

Before a transaction is complete, it’s always nice to get a better idea of how much money a seller should expect to get at the end of the day. Estimate that final sum by subtracting expenses and fees based on your property’s location, the type of transaction, its estimated sale price, and your closing date customized for residential transactions in the communities Meridian Title serves.

Calculate fees using the Seller Net Sheet

Cost Estimator

Calculate your title insurance and settlement service-related fees based on your property’s location, the type of transaction, and purchase price (or amount being financed). 

Use the Cost Estimator 
Cost Estimator Guide

Proration Chart

We’ve done the math for you. Calculate property tax proration for a settlement with our calendar of days owned.

Download the Proration Chart

Property Tax Estimator

Use the links below to access the tax estimator tools for both Indiana and Michigan.
The estimates provided by these tools are projections only and should not be taken as a statement of true tax liability.

Indiana Property Tax Estimator

Michigan Property Tax Estimator